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RELIX  Your Trusted Partner for Your IoT Hardware Needs

RELIX simplifies the IoT, delivering the essential Connectivity, and Industrial IoT/M2M Solutions you need to speed up your data driven transformation. Whether you’re building smart products or connecting entire ecosystems, our real world solutions make a difference. With RELIX by your side, challenges become opportunities.

Partner with our expert team to solve problems and get the strategic guidance you need to take your impact to the next level. Our talented, multidisciplinary team has a winning track record of bringing IoT solutions to life. Together, we’ll build scalable and ready to use solutions that go from pilot to production quickly and smoothly.

Our Comprehensive IoT Engineering Expertise 

We offer hassle-free IoT hardware deployment through integrated solutions, connecting mission-critical apps with global workforces. Our powerful, secure and scalable services cater to diverse industries, solving IoT and M2M challenges with ease. 


Relix offers cutting edge SD WAN solutions to optimize and streamline IoT connectivity for enhanced performance and reliability.  

Industrial Cellular Routers

RELIX’s range of ruggedized routers is industrial grade, easy to deploy and optimized for reliable wireless connectivity for M2M/IoT applications. 

Industrial PoE Switches

Enhance your industrial IoT networks with our robust and advanced PoE switches, ensuring seamless power and data connectivity for mission-critical applications. 

Featured Products

Security At Its Core

RELIX Ensures Security in Every Aspect of Your IoT Journey 

RELIX stands out with nearly a decade of expertise, a highly secure device to cloud platform, and strategic partnerships to streamline your IoT journey. Across industries like utilities, healthcare, industrial manufacturing, transport, logistics, and public safety where secure communication is non negotiable  we make the go to solution for simplifying while securing your IoT vision. 

Trust RELIX to lead you towards a more connected, problem solving future, where your success knows no bounds.

Your Solution, Tailored Your Way! 

Choosing the right IoT connectivity is vital for your project’s success. We live and breathe IoT, leading the way with the largest Massive IoT deployments in partnership with a diverse ecosystem of local and global solution partners.  

The best part? Our products thrive in real-life solutions, tackling a wide range of challenges. Check out our products for the latest use cases, and see how our devices make a meaningful impact in today’s dynamic world. Get ready for a personalized IoT experience with RELIX! 

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