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Battery monitoring

Nowadays, there are many SMF & VRLA batteries cases arising with Industry 4.0, while it is becoming more and more difficult to manage them in , and analyzing the data more intelligently.

Power related companies or management team feel a headache facing with such situations, they are tired of sending crowds of staff to the field site to read the meter values and check the status of the batteries, sometimes it is very time consuming and the maintenance fees are too high that the boss want to lower down the fees by reducing the frequency to check it out, is there a better way to solve this issue?

Thanks to the rapid developing of wireless telecommunication technologies, now, we have smarter solutions for such cases, which is very inspiring for most of the management teams of power related company or battery running companies.

Hongdian Technologies Corporation is the M2M/IoT solutions provider in China, we have many applications carried out in recent years, we will take the Indian case as an example to explain the details of such batteries monitoring.

With H8922 installed with batteries, with the serial port to get all the monitoring data, and will transmit all the data to the Server of the Management Center, It is real time and time saving, and much more cost-effective than the traditional ways. There is no doubt that it is a new way out with industrial 4.0.