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GPS Padlock RGL260 - 2G - GPRS

Relix Networks
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GPS Padlock RGL360 - 3G - 2G - GPRS

Relix Networks
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GPD Padlocks RGL460 - 4G - NB-IoT - CAT M1-eMTC

Relix Networks
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Smart Locks, GPS Padlocks

 Relix Network a introduce the broad item scope of Smart GPS Padlock to meet the activity needs of the transportation, logistic, oil, security industry, private associations, and government offices. We effectively join available mechanical Lock, GPS, and advanced wireless communication innovations to make the hardcore and high-security smart locks. Relix Networks has been one of the most successful manufacturing and supplying companies, especially suppliers in Europe and the United Kingdom, and also worldwide. Relix makes more reliable, easy to use, and effective Products. The IoT hardware company manufactures and sellers the best smart GPS padlocks.

 Smart lock & GPS Padlock Product overview:

Smart Lock is an electronic lock with GPS Padlock situating and electronic Lock intelligent control. Individuals consolidate satellite locating innovation, remote transmission innovation, Bluetooth, WIFI correspondence innovation to structure a profoundly coordinated smart electronic lock.

GPS Padlock is a mix of GPS tracking devices and Padlock, with joined innovation GPS and Lock. The piece of GPS utilizes to follow and find, the other part of Lock is to make sure about resources and record lock open/close occasions. GPS following Lock is an ideal gadget for big tanker trucks of fuel transportation, just as containers.

Container Lock can impart through GSM, RFID, NFC, and a component rich easy to use web platform, sending you to exact following data, lock status, and ongoing admonition alarms as per your predefined occasions. Smart Lock is a friendly high-security lock and plans for outdoor condition activity. It has a form in high ability battery, giving the vital capacity to the lock activity; this implies no external battery or force source requirements for your event.

 Smart lock Features:

  • Smart Lock utilizes the most recent GPS chip, which has amazingly high affectability and little balance range. It is the structure of a logical electric control lock. It is likewise hostile to overlay.
  • Padlock lock has a high-limit lithium battery, low reserve power utilization. What's more, it has a very long reserve of 30 days.
  • Container Lock has a far-reaching top of the waterproof line structure, and it is intended for logistics vehicles and is appropriate for long-term outdoor use.
  • Smart Lock supports mobile phone SMS inquiry positioning, switch Lock, and set the working boundaries of this gadget.

Smart lock Specification:

  • Product: Relix Smart Lock
  • Colour: Black
  • Weigh: 460g
  • Power Supply: 4 AA batteries
  • Communication: Bluetooth 4.0 or higher
  • Working Temperature: 10-40°C
  • Requirement smartphone: iPhone 4s or higher, Android 4.4 or higher

Smart lock Package Content:

  • 1x smart Lock
  • 1x User Manual

Smart lock Physical Keyless Smart Lock

Dealing with the "Physical key" in a quick-moving strategic or transportation activity will be bad dreams of managers or organizations on the off chance that they have an immense number of container locks. Our Smart Padlock intended for high productive "Physical keyless" activity. It implies you don't have to keep any physical keys or stress over losing them during operation. Our Smart Lock is opened or locks by Cellular, RFID, NFC gadgets, or our online Web platform. Each "open" and "close" with significant time, and area data can be alternatively put away in the scene.

Smart PadLock for versatile objective positioning communication

GPS lock is another sort of electronic Lock for versatile objective positioning communication. It utilizes GPS satellite locating innovation, GSM, GPRS innovation, and dynamic RFID innovation to give handily organized objective situating correspondence administrations and little region positioning. GPS lock utilizes GPS positioning, GSM, GPRS TCP, UDP communication technology.